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Scaffold Net (SN070-SN260)

Scaffold Net (SN070-SN260)
Model: SN070-SN260
Trademark: Tianyi
Trademark photo:
Origin: China
Productivity: 50tons/month
Packing: roll or bundle
Product Description:
High strength, light, heat insulation & ventilate, transparent, fireproof, dustproof and anti-noise. It widely applied in various construction sites especially for high-rise buildings by enabling wholly sealed construction. It is effective in protecting people or articles from falling and getting injured.

Executive Standards: GB16909-1997 GB5725-85

Mesh Density: Executive Standards: 2000-sieves/m2

Shock Resistance: Impact the mesh with 100kg sandbag from the height of 1.5m and the linear breaking length after impact is ≤ 200mm, the curve length is ≤ 150mm.

Fire Retardancy: Continued burning ≤ 4 seconds, afterglow ≤ 4second

Model/Article No.:

Dense-mesh Type Upright Safety Net: ML1.8× 6 ML1.5× 6 ML2.0× 6

Safety Net (Flat net): P-3× 6

Safety Net (Small-mesh net): L-1.2× 6 L-1.5× 6 L-1.8× 6 L-3× 6

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