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Fishing Net

  • 6yarn/12yarn/18 yarn/24 yarn/30 yarn/36 yarn
  • 40tons/month
Product Description: Fishery net, converging dozens of years'experience, receives high recognition. It is a good product for the fishermen to build up family wealth. Product Character: Anti-ultraviolet radiation, thermo stable, weathering proof, stable in quality, long lifetime, widely applied in sea water fishing and fresh-water fishing, mesh cage fish breeding, mesh cage shell and crab breeding, etc. Executive Standards: GB5664-85 QB/t1434-92 Breaking Strength: ≥52gf/tex Splicing Tenacity: ≥36gf/tex Elongation at Break: 12-14% Model Specifications: 6yarn/12yarn/18 yarn/24 yarn/30 yarn/36 yarn Mesh: 5-50mm


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Tel:       +86-594-2783083
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